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Working together with the Community

M.C.A.C. is a not- for-profit organisation and our objectives, as determined by our Directors, are to;
- Improve the life and well-being of the members. We are here, to live well, be healthy and happy, create a better world for our kids and their kids, look after our country and strengthen our culture;
- Relieve poverty, sickness, destitution, helplessness, suffering and misfortune among members, their families, and visitors;
- Support the development of members and their families;
- Support members and their families by developing the community economy;
- Support and encourage members to manage their own affairs on their own land;
- Support and encourage traditional law, language and culture;
- Build trust and friendship between members and other people;
- Work together with other Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal groups on projects that benefit all; and
- Receive and spend grants from Government and other groups for the benefit of our community.
M.C.A.C. is governed by a fully Indigenous Board which is made up of four female and four male Directors plus a Chairperson of either gender. The Board holds regular meetings to deal with matters and requests that are important to, and will impact upon, the community.
M.C.A.C. works closely together with other community stakeholders and community members to establish projects and services in the community that benefit our members, their families and visitors and other community residents. Some of these projects include our community laundry, improving playgrounds, the purchase of two community busses and working towards upgrading our Oval and Community Cultural and Business Centre.

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

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Please respect the Communities’ privacy:
Mutitjulu is a closed community; if you would like to visit the community please contact our office to discuss your proposed visit. Also contact our office if you intend to film or take pictures within the community.

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